Hopper T. Frog began life as a

tadpole of a vision, in the minds of     

Mark and Dianne Prothro.


His charming smile (an impressive 58 feet wide and radiant pink) greets young and old offering a childlike innocence and an unforgettable spectacle.


His golden crown, reminder to all of his royalty status, measures over 14 feet wide and gleams in the sun with six precious jewels; each of which measures over 3 1/2 feet in diameter.


Hopper’s stature is one of

ever-ready…to hop into action with

legs that appear to have just pushed

off into air and measure up to    

forty-one feet from top to toes.

(Yes, Hopper has toes, and fingers

as well – each measuring fourteen

feet long!)


With over 1700 yards of fabric

and over 2 miles of thread,

Hopper T. Frog looks

down at you with friendly, yet large

eyes (thirteen feet wide to be

exact), welcoming you into his

wonderful world.

Hopper T. Frog … He

Ain’t Your Ordinary