All About Gizmo

Gizzmo is a 100,000 cubic feet blue, green and purple balloon designed by MardiAire and built by Aerostar International.

As the gargoyle tradition goes, he is a guardian and goodluck charm. His big bright eyes (9 feet wide) and a happy grin makes him the friendliest

gargoyle you’ll ever see.


Gizzmo is 66 feet wide and over 80 feet tall! He flies gracefully through the air with his 16 feet wide wings. His tail is 42 feet 11 inches tall and 14 feet 6 inches at the base.

Gizzmo is the biggest gargoyle you’ll ever see. His paws are made up with 126 yards of fabric, 75 yards make up the tail, 254 yards in the wings and 310 yards in his cute little head! The main balloon has 1,179 yards of fabric. Add ’em up and you have 1944 yards of glowing gargoyle, Gizzmo!